Veganism for Children and Adults

Which parents would take a small child to watch a killing of an ox, or of a pig, or of a poultry?

Which parents would take their children to see how animal of circuses and television shows are trained when they are away from the public eyes?

Which parents would reveal the true story of how gelatines, ice cream, shoes, handbags, wallets, car seats, smartphone and tablets covers are made?

Why parents who teach their little ones to be loving and kind to animals act in their private lives in the totally opposite way, contradictory and hypocritical?

A child when sees an animal feels a lot of love. Sincere and legitimate love. And they express it without limits. Just remember the tenderness with which every child holds a little chick in her hands and her eyes full of love and affection when looks at the little animal. You probably already did this one day, can you remember the powerful feelings of connection with life had at that time?

For a child is even inconceivable to imagine acts that cause pain, injustice, cowardice and abuse against any living being. Violence and cruelty are unimaginable for her. The child simply trust fully in the life and supposed goodness and coherence of adults.

For you adult, who teaches their children to love animals and nature but acts contrary by feeding, dressing, entertaining and consuming things that came from suffering and cruelty, I ask you: Where do you lost your inner child? Where do you left yours sweetest, gentle and loving part that enchants yourself in such a simple and natural way with life? At what point did they convince you to put aside your own humanity and turn into someone disconnected and insensitive? At what point do you stopped caring?

Dear adult, I invite you to rescue your Inner Child and act in the world with purity and goodness that only She knows how to do. Their children do not deserve lies and neither be deceived, do you agree? What example you would be giving so? What we would expect back by whom only received our lies and manipulations? What do we expect from children of parents who do not have the courage to reform and improve their own way of thinking and acting?


Fabio Mocci -
São Paulo, May 27, 2015 (translated from portuguese in September 16, 2015).

The translation of this article to Portuguese is available at:

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